Role Of Irrigation During The COVID 19 Pandemic

Water conservation

During this time water will be in much use especially because of frequent hand washing.  You are required to wash your hands and do your laundry as often as possible.  But it’s also important that we inform people about the importance of conserving water. The best way we can in the process. 

Service provision

With the lockdown, no social gathering encouraged, some landscaping and irrigation companies still provide services during these dire times.
We suggest working as early as possible in order to avoid close proximity to anyone walking in close proximity. 

Monitoring and evaluation.

People tend to be very creative when in tough situations therefore through monitoring and field work. New methods may be noted. Statistics taken during these visits may be used by others later to fill existing gaps. And improve on the areas already doing well.


We are headed into spring, a season where gardens and grass begin getting more usage. However, it’s expected that this will decline a lot this seasons due to the outbreak. We’re remaining open and still servicing our clients.  If you have a garden at home, this is a great opportunity for you to create your “job”.

Irrigation systems in New Jersey will still be in demand as this pandemic continues. Customers know this shall pass eventually and they’re taking advantage of lull to get projects completed at home.

Staying at home is not easy especially if you are used to a 9-5 routine.  But let’s think instead about the brave Doctors and Nurses who are on the forefront to save the lives of people around the world. Let us all accept to stay at home and work on our own garden projects.

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