Keep your grass green and save you money along the way

With spring already in full swing and temperatures starting to climb just ahead of the summer, watering your lawn to keep your grass looking its best will be more important than ever.

A late season frost or prolonged drought might still be possible, but to keep lawns healthy, you should water them in the morning—sometime between 4 and 9 in the morning), when everything is still wet from dew and the cool temperatures will help prevent water loss to evaporation.

Doing it in the midday is a waste of your time and water and doing it at night could lead to watering risk of disease. Watering in the evening leads to excess moisture, which in turn creates the perfect conditions for fungi to develop and grow.

Grass usually needs one inch of water per week on clay soils and 1 ½ inch on sandy soil. The best recommendation is to water deeply and infrequently, not shallowly and often. Water must spread

Keep track of any signs of distress, such as yellowish or brown spots or wilting in your grass blades, which can quickly spread and damage lawns. 

A healthy lawn will have a fairly even color range going from light to dark green, where the grass blades are thick and bounce back almost immediately when walked on, with even thatch at the soil level.

Save money with an irrigation system

If you don’t know the type of soil in your lawn or want to save a couple of hours of pleasant sleep, the best way to take care of a lawn is with an irrigation system, which costs even less than what you will pay to replace a damaged lawn.

HYPERLINK “” Quench Irrigation can design one tailor-made for your specific needs, with all the equipment necessary to properly water your grass and maintain its health all-year long.

“One-size-fits-all” doesn’t work when it comes to taking care of your green areas. There are several factors to consider and our technicians will come up with the right equation to keep make sure your turf is lush, even in the most extreme weather.

We can help you protect the landscape investment you’ve made and save you money at the same time by making sure all areas of your lawn are watered evenly and enough. Many times, people who water manually tend to overwater or underwater, miss spots or flood others, all of which can lead to problems for your green areas.

Our lawn care professionals can help determine the appropriate sprinkler heads for your lawn—oscillating, stationary, revolving—and will set the system to operate in the time needed to maintain your grass looking its best.

An irrigation system can also include a rain sensor that detects rain and moisture and turns the system off. That alone will put money in your pocket and give you the satisfaction that you’re doing something for the planet, as well.

If you already have an irrigation system, this is a good time to inspect it for any leaks or problems, so that it can be ready for the heat of the summer, when watering your lawn is of outmost importance. You also need to make sure the water spreads evenly throughout the lawn, and be careful not to flood or miss patches.

Our technicians can retro-fit or re-vamp your existing irrigation system, making any repairs, replacements, revisions, and additions needed to strengthen its efficiency and improve coverage area.

Overseeding time

This is also the time to overseed your lawn to fill in any bald or thin patches before the summer heat starts. Reseeding is when you take out the existing grass and start from scratch. Overseeding will thicken up and improve your existing lawn.

As long as the brown areas aren’t caused by a lawn disease, you can still save your grass.

Before overseeding, you’ll want to mow, aerate and rake away any trimmings. This will create holes for the seeds to enter the soil so they can grow. The easiest way to oversee is to do it by hand, spreading the seeds yourself. But if the area is too large or don’t have the time or the desire to do it, go to a professional, who can also recommend the best type of seeds to use.

Make sure your irrigation system is ready to handle overseeding, as it requires even spread of water. Seeds won’t grow without some much needed H2O. If the water system doesn’t reach every area in your lawn, overseeding simply won’t work and the damage on your grass will only worsen.

Great curb appeal

But with the right amount of water and the correct seeds, you’ll see your turf improve in no time, making neighbors and other “green” (pun intended) with envy.

A great looking lawn also gives your home or business an extra pizzaz and attraction. It shows you put great care in everything you do and have.

The irrigation system can also pay by itself. According to PocketSense, adding a professionally installed irrigation system can increase property values above the cost of the system.

A Clemson University study found that homes with “excellent” landscaping sell at a price 6% to 7% higher than those with “good landscaping, and that improving landscaping from “average” to “good” can boost the price by 4%-5%. 

That translates into plenty of green in your pocket; and all because you keep your lawn green.