It’s been raining cats and dogs. Every news report, email, and social media post seems to be focused on intense and wacky weather. Arctic Rivers. Walloping storms. Unprecedented downpours. 

At this particular moment in time, we know one thing: we can’t change the weather. Yet, we can change one thing. We can survive and thrive in elegant style.

What is the secret to doing this? Be a man who is known for casual elegance. Constantly choose a discriminating style. Do not allow any weather to stop you from a distinguished and refined look.

If you’re stuck in frigid climes, use the tough weather as a challenge to bring out your courage, bravery, and sense of fun. 

With this in mind, here is a quick overview of how to thrive, even in dire winter storms.

Upgrade Your Sweaters

When encountering freezing temperatures, there are fewer comforts as great as a rich layer of wool between you and your outerwear. So let this winter be the time to revisit and revive your relationship with wools. 

But, let’s get real. Those Christmas-themed knits may still be occupying your attention. 

That’s why it’s so refreshing to experiment with bold geometric patterns. These are more dynamic and upbeat. Pick the sweater that will be your go-to piece this season. One sweater can transform a simple outfit into an outstanding professional image.

Invest In Rollnecks

Speaking of sweaters, one particular type of sweater is rising to intense popularity. It’s the roll neck. It’s on-trend because it instantly creates a distinguished and suave look. 

When selecting a roll-neck, look for good quality fine knit, as the sweater is in direct contact with your skin. 

Choose colors that will work across your smart metropolitan wardrobe, such as olives, navy, and charcoals. These can help you maintain an urbane upscale vibe when worn with a suit—without having the restriction of a collar or tie.

Take Your Comforter With You

Hate to get out of bed in the morning? Yes, we agree. It can be rough. Until you realize that you can take your comforter with you, via one of the super-popular puff jackets.

Puff jackets are the top-selling item this season, and it’s easy to understand why. A puff jacket is a terrific way to stay toasty warm, even on frigid days or nights.

A stylish puff jacket is super versatile. It helps you add an element of casual relaxation to a professional outfit. Or, you can use it to dress up a simple outfit if you’re just running out for sugar at the corner store.

Select a color that works with your favorites for this season…olives, blues, and bold reds might give your mood a special kick.

Get Wrapped Up In Style

What’s the key staple for a rainy day? The trench coat. A belted, trench coat is on every man’s list as a must-have item this winter. Pick one that makes you feel confident, strong, and ready to take on the world. 

If you’re sporting a conservative look, go for classic colors such as black, beige, or charcoal. If you’re stretching into an on-trend color, experiment with reds. The shops are filled with choices in the red palette from burgundy to crimson. It’s the perfect buffer for a nasty rainstorm. 

Pair your trench coat with the Wellington boot. These stylish, quality rubber boots are often called, “Wellies.” You won’t let a little shower ever stop you from being out and about. 


Here at Les Beau Monde, we continually love to experiment with accessories to complete a polished look. Whether it’s a change in the weather, a lift for your mood, or a creative touch, accessorizing is the key to a happy winter season.

However, with so many great options, it can be difficult to choose the best scarves, gloves, and bobbles to make your look pop. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose mood-elevating directions to enhance your unique style.


In terms of warmth, if you haven’t chosen to go with a roll-neck, you’ll need a great scarf. Scarves come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. So, be sure to pick one that makes you smile, stay warm, and remain smartly dressed. You may enjoy a scarf with a cable-knit, or cashmere, for added warmth and cozy texture. 

Alternatively, if you are out and about this winter, you’ve seen the great trend towards red. Adding a splash of red for your scarf is a quick way to give your outfit an up-do. It’s fun, playful, and easy on the budget.

By the way, you may want to stretch your wings when it comes to scarves. Why not take a cue from the runway, and play with silk, chiffon, and softer fabrics. Pick a complementary design such as polka dots, paisleys, or fringes. With a simple shift, you can take plaids and stripes in a sophisticated direction.


Hands are subject to freezing temperatures, which is why it’s a wise investment to purchase high-quality leather gloves. 

A pair of leather gloves is a quick way to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Pair your gloves with the color of your scarf, and instantly portray a high-fashion, urban look.

You can easily find day leather gloves, driving gloves, and gloves with your favorite logo to stay warm as well as well-dressed for every occasion.

So you won’t get left out in the cold when using your phone or tablet, pick gloves that can work seamlessly with your technology devices.


Experiencing torrential downpours? To be ready for any weather, invest in a quality umbrella. A full-size gentleman’s umbrella looks fantastic and commanding, and can be your personal go-to choice for sturdy style. Alternatively, you may prefer a more compact model in a bright color to carry with you for unexpected showers.

Check out the classic umbrellas either online or at your favorite quality shop. You can find huntsman walking umbrellas, open-and-close models, and oversize umbrellas. Look for high-quality craftsmanship, as an umbrella should last you for many seasons.


Get in touch to find out about the best in personal grooming, accessories, and products designed for the modern gentleman. As the French say, Les Beau Monde: The Beautiful World. 

We’re creating a beautiful world—one man at a time. As a man of discriminating taste, you’ll feel right at home.