Caring for your lawn in autumn

October in the Northeast U.S. can be the best of times. Although the weather varies greatly from year to year, you can expect hot and humid climate giving way to cooler temperatures. This is also the time when you have to get your grass ready before it goes dormant,...

Summer: Time to properly water your lawn

Summer: Time to properly water your lawn Temperature in New Jersey starts to rise at the end of August and can last through the end of September, with the weather typically ranging from between 82°F to 87°F. But the state is not immune to heat spells that can raise...

What to Do About A Flooded Lawn

When spring is approaching, temperatures get warmer. It is during this season most folks plan to step outside and prepare their homes and gardens for summer. Many people start planting grass, flowers and many other plants that can sure accent backyard, garden beds, and home exteriors.  Summer and spring are good reasons to take water flooding precautions seriously. Flooding can be a toll to your lawn-and even hazardous if not dealt with on time. It can damage your backyard and destroy all your plants than you can believe.

Winter Lawn Care Problems

While it’s true that your yard definitely needs plenty more work in the hot months, winter doesn’t mean that you can ignore it completely. In fact, the cold actually brings in a whole new set of specific problems that need to be addressed if you want your yard to stay healthy and thriving. All of these tips will help make sure your grass looks perfect once the winter ends.

Snow Shoveling – Tips & [Exclusive] Guide

Snow shoveling is an unavoidable chore, and it can be tempting to simply let the snow sit, especially if you don’t have to leave the house. However, letting the snow pile up can make the task a bigger burden when you finally do shovel that snow.