If your business has a large lawn, you must be wondering whether it’s viable to install a commercial irrigation system. But the truth is, all businesses can benefit from a commercial irrigation system, regardless of the industry. A professional irrigation system is not only cost-effective, but is also an excellent way to achieve stunning landscape curb appeal. A well-maintained landscape is one of the best ways to attract clients to your business.

What are the benefits of commercial irrigation systems?

There are many ways in which your business can benefit from a commercial irrigation system. And the good news is that Quench irrigation contractors can install such a system and help you maintain it. Some benefits of commercial irrigation include:

First Impressions
Most people will judge your business based on the looks of your premise, and you know what? First impressions matter. A beautiful and well-maintained lawn guarantees a continuous stream of customers throughout the year.
The first time a new customer steps into your property, they will look around to pick up on mistakes. If your lawn is unkempt, they will assume your services aren’t up to standard. But if it’s in pristine condition, the customers will believe your services will meet their expectations.

Water Conservation
When using a manual irrigation system, you may use more water than necessary, leading to waste. This could be the reason you have high utility bills at the end of the month. With a commercial irrigation system, you can maintain an attractive lawn using the right amount of water. Commercial irrigation systems can be automated to dispense the right amount of water by using moisture sensors.

Commercial Irrigation Systems Can Be Modified
The beauty of a professional irrigation system is that the contractor can customize it to suit your needs. They will design a unique irrigation system for your business depending on your water needs, terrain, soil type, weather, and the plants you intend to have on your lawn. The designers will do this, whether you have a small or large lawn. First, they will analyze your needs and then come up with the most fitting design.

Irrigation systems for different types of lawns

A commercial irrigation system will not only improve your curb appeal and increase your property value, but when designed well, will also provide a place for your customers and employees to visit, work, and relax. It can even be a place to have your meetings if you don’t want them indoors.

Irrigation system for your business
As already mentioned, the first impression is important in business. Whether or not you expect clients to come in through the front door, having a well-maintained lawn will give your visitors a positive impression of your company.
A well-maintained lawn makes everything you and your employees do look professional. Besides, it will make your customers feel comfortable and safe on your premises. All this can help in building a strong relationship with your customers.
You can’t achieve this by watering your lawn manually. You need the services of a commercial irrigation contractor, whether you have a large landscaping job or just a small garden that needs watering.

Irrigation system for your golf course
As expected, a golf course has to be well maintained to serve its purpose. A golf course can never look professional if it’s not covered with grass that’s well-irrigated and healthy.

It’s worth noting that your round of golf can be negatively affected if your golf course has no functional irrigation system. From pump stations to sprinkler heads, all components of your golf course irrigation system must function as expected.
Remember that the golf course irrigation system is different from other irrigation systems. This is because golf courses are playing fields, and any extra water on them can interfere with the game and lead to other unexpected problems.
A professional irrigation contractor knows exactly what a golf course needs and can design a system that will deliver the right amounts of water at the right times—no more, no less. The contractor will ensure your golf course is green all year.

Must you hire a professional landscaper to design your irrigation system and install it?

Irrigating your lawn or golf course isn’t a DIY project. No matter how hard you try, you will never get it right. It’s highly recommended that you hire professionals from Quench to design your irrigation system, install it, and maintain it. Doing so has lots of benefits, as already discussed. If you are looking for a professional irrigation contractor, Quench is at your service. We will help you save money and time with our commercial irrigation system design and installation.

What to look for in an irrigation system contractor

There are many contractors out there claiming to be irrigation system experts, but they can deliver high-quality systems. Some even lack the right tools and equipment needed for the design, installation, and maintenance processes. If you are looking for an irrigation system expert, consider the following factors:

Other than academic and professional qualifications, experience is a factor you should never overlook. A lot of things take place on the ground that fresh trainees cannot handle.
Experienced contractors have designed and installed many irrigation systems, overcoming the various challenges associated with this process. They have also worked in various locations with different soil types and climates, meaning your case will not be the first for them to deal with.
Experienced contractors work faster and more efficiently, but do not compromise quality. Additionally, experienced contractors understand the local laws and regulations regarding landscaping and commercial irrigation systems. This means they can help you with all the paperwork when you need a license or permit. Working with an inexperienced contractor can lead to many legal problems.

There will be no shortcuts
Reputable contractors have names to protect. For this reason, they must strive to do the right thing, no matter what. Their designs and installation processes meet industry standards, and they do things openly. They buy the right materials to ensure the irrigation system lasts for many years.
On the other hand, unscrupulous contractors may use low-quality materials so they can earn more from you on repairs and maintenance. An honest contract never cuts corners. They know the best methods to install irrigation systems and maintain them.

They should be proactive
Good contractors take steps to prevent problems even before they occur. But should an unexpected problem occur, they have solutions for it and will not have to look elsewhere. Once you hire an expert irrigation systems contractor, you can rest assured that your project will be a success. They will arrive at your premises with all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right the first time.

They must have access to high-quality equipment and products
Modern irrigation experts keep up with new technologies. Whether you prefer the traditional irrigation system or a smart one, they have all it takes to satisfy your needs. They also have modern tools and equipment to expedite the job, so you can start using your lawn as soon as possible. Such connectors also have access to high-quality irrigation products that guarantee efficiency and cost-cutting. They also know the best way to save costs, right from the time you are buying materials through the installation and up to the maintenance stage.

Professional irrigation experts should provide maintenance services
Once your irrigation system is installed, it will require some sort of maintenance from time to time, no matter the quality of the design and materials used. Maintenance is necessary to ensure the system continues to serve its purpose effectively.
As you use the system, the mechanical parts are bound to develop problems. In some cases, the problems may require repairs, but in other cases, they may require replacement. A good contractor should be able to make the right decision about whether to repair or replace parts.
Some maintenance services offered by irrigation contractors include:

  • ● Repairs
  • ● Winterization
  • ● Backflow testing
  • ● Spring turns on

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