Benefits to having an irrigation system:

Sprinkler SystemsTime Savings: Manually watering your property is very time consuming. To properly water your landscape, it would take hours with a cumbersome hose or watering can when you could be spending your time doing something you enjoy or nothing at all! With one push of a button on an irrigation controller, professionally programmed by our staff, all your time is yours.

Protecting your landscape investment: Your landscaping is an essential part of your home, and it would not make any sense to invest your money on landscaping and not protect your investment. A properly installed irrigation system will guarantee healthy turf and shrubs to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Adding value to your home: As you already know, everything you put into your house adds value. An irrigation system is no different. It increases the resale value of your home, insuring that the curb appeal remains at its highest level.

Saving money by not wasting water: An irrigation system is all about efficiency. Every system is custom. There are no cookie- cutter systems. Individual homes have specific needs, and having your landscape watered on an as needed basis prevents over-watering and over-spending, which hurts your landscaping as well as your pocket.

Retro-fit/Re-vamp of Existing System

services_installationQuench Irrigation is not only proficient in installing new systems, we also can provide revisions/additions to your existing system which would improve coverage and strengthen the overall system. (i.e., the addition of turf areas or planting beds would usually require re-vamping your system to accommodate the changes.)