With all the recent storms and snow, it’s easy to think that winter will just keep on coming. Yet, we are already towards the end of April, which is why it’s a great time to think about warm weather, green lawns, and colorful flowers.

If you have a commercial or residential lawn sprinkler system from Quench Irrigation, now is the time to give us a shout. It’s important to get your sprinkler system serviced, tuned up, and ready for the next season.

Do You Have The Right Expertise?

Perhaps, you’ve been thinking of saving time and money and switching on the sprinkler system without calling an expert. It makes sense in the initial idea. It looks like you’ll handle the details and get everything up and running.

Unfortunately, many homeowners and commercial property owners do not have the expertise to do this on their own. You can miss signs of early leaks. You could overlook signs of damage to the pipes, sprinkler heads, and any shifting in the ground.

Without the proper knowledge, you could unintentionally damage the sprinkler system. Just when you think that you’re saving time and money, the sad truth is that you could do the opposite. By not spotting soil shifts, you might overlook early leaks. You could turn on the system too rapidly or misidentify problems.

Instead of risking damaging the sprinkler system, why not hand the job to the experts? You can enjoy knowing that your sprinkler system is getting the best care with annual seasonal maintenance.

What Experts Look For

Irrigation experts are trained to recognize changes in soil, leaks, sprinkler heads, and spray functionality.

The experts at Quench Irrigation are schooled in the latest techniques to get your sprinkler system working correctly — fully ready for spring and summer watering.

When we come out to your property, we look for critical things that may not be obvious to the layperson’s eye.

Each year in springtime, the ground thaws causing a slight shifting in the soil. This shift is often not easily visible. The shifting earth causes leaks to show up in your sprinkler system. You won’t notice this until it is time to turn it on. However, as experts, we know this like the palm of our hand.

If you have a Quench Irrigation system, we may have put the system in for you, or be familiar with your yard. Whether or not we have prior knowledge of your residential or commercial property, we’ll check your sprinkler system gradually and methodically.

With meticulous attention to detail, we will check each sprinkler head, one at a time. We’ll make sure that the coverage is even and calibrated to properly water your yard.

In addition, we’ll check the direction of the spray. It’s important to verify that every head is pointed in the right direction. This is our dedication to guaranteeing that when you water, you’re watering smart. After all, you want to know that when you turn on the system, you’re watering grass, flowers, and trees—not just creating a watery sidewalk.

If we discover any faulty sprinkler heads, connections, or pipes, we’ll fix them on the spot.

The 3 Big Benefits of Turn-On Services

The three big benefits of yearly turn-on services are healthy yards, smart watering, and peace of mind.

Healthy Yards

In recent warm seasons, we have been experiencing a lot of weather changes. With hot summers, drought conditions, and extreme storms, it can be challenging to keep the yard and lawns happy and green.

Talk with your irrigation specialist about the best times to water your yard. Many townships and cities have water restrictions in the summer. Check with your local community to find out if there are hourly restrictions or day limits to watering. With a little planning, you can keep your yard healthy.

Check with your local nursery, gardener, or landscaper to find out which plants are advised for your property. If you’re putting in new flowers, shrubs, or trees, you may be able to select drought-tolerant varieties to minimize water usage.

With a well-maintained sprinkler system, it’s easier to stay on top of changing weather conditions and keep your lawn looking luscious.

Smart Watering

One of the big benefits of a well-maintained sprinkler system is getting a water bill you can live with. If you’ve ever had the unpleasant experience of leakage, you know all too well that sprinkler system leaks can add up quickly. To avoid this ever happening, get a yearly turn-on service.

With this seasonal maintenance, we can identify leaks early. A yearly turn-on service is a very small planned expense compared to the massive unexpected water bill that you could get from a faulty leak.

Check with your township, city, or local utility for additional advice on your water bill.

Peace of Mind

It isn’t a stretch to say that you’ll have peace of mind when your sprinkler system has had its yearly maintenance.

You won’t have to research troubleshooting your sprinkler system. You won’t wake up in the middle of the night wondering if you did everything correctly. You won’t spend weekends running to the hardware store in search of parts.

Instead, you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of your lawn, yard, and garden.

Get Your Sprinkler System Turned On

We are happy to help you with a yearly turn-on service to get your sprinkler systems ready for warmer weather. Check with your trusted irrigation specialists to get your sprinkler system turned back on in a jiffy.

Once you do this once, keep going. For ultimate ease, consider having a contract for seasonal services.

If you’re looking for a certified irrigation contractor for your home, commercial or residential properties, call Quench Irrigation New Jersey. You’ll find reliable service technicians who are friendly and highly experienced.

With professional service, you can experience ease and speed. As we like to say, “Consider the job done!”

We’re here to help. Contact Quench Irrigation today! (201) 441-9720